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December Council Meeting Highlights

RCMP Update Sgt. Dave Brown, RCMP provided Council with an update on regional crime statistics, trends, and police presence in the region. The report showed a 33% in crime reduction from this time last year. He noted it was nice to see there are new businesses and activity in Berwyn, and assured their continued visible presence in the community. The report is posted on the Village of Berwyn website at Council Approves Interim Budget Council approved an interim operating budget to ensure the continuity of essential municipal operations for the first few months of 2024. A formal budget will be presented for Council’s consideration in the early spring of 2024, based on actual assessment values and government funding. Natural GasCouncil voted to proceed with a one-year contract for Natural Gas with Alberta Municipalities. They provide municipalities with energy management services, employee benefits, retirement services, and insurance.

CN Rail Offer

Administration was approached by CN Rail regarding the potential purchase of approximately 8.23 acres of land within Berwyn. Council made a motion to put forth an offer to purchase to CN Rail in the sum of $500.00 for the 8.23 acres of land.

FCSS Update

Tracy Halerewich, Director of Community Services provided Council with a quarterly update highlighting events Grimshaw Community Services plans, supports and hosts in Berwyn and throughout the region.  Council expressed gratitude to Tracy and the FCSS team for their time, care and dedication in providing a wide range of programming in the Village of Berwyn, and for the entire region. Council shared their gratitude for the number of activities offered in the Village of Berwyn for all ages, and noted hearing positive feedback from the community regarding the support Grimshaw Community Services provides. 


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