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Council Meeting Highlights Jan 25/24

Spring Municipal Leaders Caucus 

Council approved that Deputy Mayor Nicole Johnson and Councillor Jane Webber attend the 2024 Spring Municipal Leaders Caucus taking place in Edmonton from March 14 - 15, 2024.

Municipal Affairs CorrespondenceCouncil reviewed correspondence from the Minister of Municipal Affairs commending the Village of Berwyn for its progress since the 2018 viability review. The Minister also questioned and requested an update on tax collection rates, the infrastructure age in the Village, and a lack of interest of electors in municipal office. Council engaged in discussions surrounding the aforementioned topics and directed administration to respond to Minister Ric McIver. 

2024 Goals

Council engaged in discussions regarding goals for 2024 with a focus on partnerships/relationships with municipal neighbours, completing mainstreet infrastructure, and lagoon maintenance. The council requested that this be a discussion topic placed on all future council meeting agendas.

Financial Reports

Council reviewed various financial reports and expressed gratitude to Greta Vasadi, Village of Berwyn Finance Clerk for her diligence and work in enhancing the organization and reporting of the Village’s financial records. 

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