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Council Meeting Highlights - May 9/24

Updated: May 13

Celebration Event - Mainstreet Redevelopment Project 

Council designated August 24, 2024 for a grand opening celebration event on Mainstreet Berwyn in recognition of the completion of the Mainstreet Redevelopment Project, with a budget of $5000. Council discussed several ideas for the celebration and invite residents to put their ideas forth via the Village of Berwyn Facebook page, or by emailing ideas for the event to  Todd Loewen, Minister of Forestry and Parks and MLA for Central Peace-Notley as well as Arnold Viersen, MP for Peace River - Westlock are also invited to attend the event. Council also approved design plans for a statue to be placed by Mainstreet to commemorate the project.

RCMP Update from Sergeant Dave Brown Sergeant Dave Brown provided Council with an update and information on RCMP initiatives, crime statistics and information on a collaboration with the Mental Health Taskforce to address social issues in the region. He also shared that there have recently been successful warrant executions that led to the recovery of stolen property and resulted in charges being laid. Sergeant Brown provided examples of various upcoming events and initiatives focused on engaging with communities and youth. He shared that regional crime statistics for the region from the first quarter (January to March 2024) showed a 13% increase in comparison to statistics from the same time last year.

Capital Project Plan Council approved the 2023-2026 Village of Berwyn Proposed Capital Project Plan. The plan outlines proposed capital projects including (but not limited to) the rehabilitation of septic lines and systems, concrete sidewalks and water distribution systems, the replacement of manholes, septic lines and valves, and a roofing replacement for the Village of Berwyn administrative building. 

Emergency Management Plan 

Council approved the updated Village of Berwyn Emergency Management Plan which includes contact information, procedures, guides, role descriptions, management actions, checklists and templates. Letter of Support for Lac Cardinal Regional Economic Development CommitteeCouncil approved a request to write a letter of support for the Lac Cardinal Regional Economic Development Board (LCREDB) to become a designated community participating in the Alberta Rural Renewal Stream (RRS) Program. The RRS program addresses current labor needs and skill shortages in rural Alberta communities and helps newcomers settle into the community. The Lac Cardinal Regional Economic Development Board is a partnership between the Town of Grimshaw, the Village of Berwyn, and the Municipal District of Peace #135 formed to nurture an economically strong and diverse region that enhances the quality of life for residents in our communities.

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