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Senior's Snow Clearing Assistance

Seniors 65 years and older interested in the service are required to register by contacting the Village of Berwyn office: Phone: 780-338-3922 E-mail: Village of Berwyn Snow Clearing Assistance Policy for Seniors: The Village of Berwyn is committed to supporting the well-being and safety of our senior residents during the winter season. To this end, the Village Public Works Department will provide snow-clearing assistance to registered seniors when available to ensure safe and unobstructed access to their homes. 1. Eligibility: a. This service is available to senior residents of the Village of Berwyn who are 65 years of age or older. b. Seniors must register for the snow-clearing assistance program to be eligible for the service. c. Only residential properties are eligible for snow clearing. Commercial properties are not included in this program. 2. Registration: a. Seniors interested in receiving snow-clearing assistance must register through the Village of Berwyn office. b. Registration can be completed by contacting the Village office. c. Registrations must be submitted before the onset of the winter season. Late registrations will be considered, but service may be delayed until Public Works resources are available. 3. Service Availability: a. Snow clearing assistance for seniors will be provided by the Village Public Works Department when their resources and schedule permit. b. The Village will not provide on-call snow-clearing services. Seniors should be aware that service will be performed based on the availability of Public Works staff, and there may be delays during heavy snowfall events. 4. Priority Areas: a. The priority for snow clearing will be given to areas where seniors with mobility challenges or medical conditions reside. b. The Village Public Works Department will determine the order of service based on the severity of snow accumulation, weather conditions, and available resources. 5. Snow Clearing Process: a. Snow clearing assistance will typically involve clearing driveways, walkways, and paths leading to the senior's primary entrance. b. Depending on the situation, the Village may use plowing, shovelling, and other appropriate methods to clear snow. 6. Liability: a. The Village of Berwyn and its employees will not be held liable for any damage to property or injuries sustained during the snow-clearing process. b. Seniors or their representatives are encouraged to exercise caution and be prepared for snow-clearing assistance, such as moving any valuable items from the pathway or driveway. 7. Communication: a. Registered seniors are responsible for keeping their contact information up to date with the Village of Berwyn. 8. Complaints and Feedback: a. Seniors are encouraged to provide feedback or report any concerns regarding the snow-clearing service to the Public Works Department. b. The Village will strive to address any concerns and continuously improve the snow-clearing assistance program. 9. Review and Amendments: a. This policy will be periodically reviewed and may be amended as needed to better serve the senior residents of Berwyn. By implementing this policy, the Village of Berwyn aims to provide essential snow-clearing assistance to seniors, ensuring their safety and well-being during the winter months.

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