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Council Meeting Highlights - April 11

Audit Report

Cheri Peterson from MNP presented the findings of the audit of the Village of Berwyn’s Audited Financial Statements for the 2023 fiscal year. Cheri shared thorough information with Council, answered questions, and thanked Greta Vasadi, Village of Berwyn Financial Clerk for her support throughout the audit.

Property Auction Date

Council approved holding a property auction on August 18, 2024 for tax recovery.

Public Works Report

Council reviewed a report from Del Cardinal, Public Works Lead Hand, that included updates and project plans for the Village’s Public Works Department. The updates include the current progress on spring cleaning, Village beautification, and Water Operator training. Upcoming projects include asphalt patching, new playground beautification, manhole upgrades, and the addition of benches, bins, and planters to be placed around the Village. Council expresses appreciation to Public Works for their continued dedication to maintaining and improving the Village.

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