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Council Highlights - Feb 8, 2024

Public Works and Water Operator Update Derrel Johnson, Village of Berwyn Water Operator, provided council with information regarding priority water-related upgrades required and a recommended process to evaluate and replace water valves in the Village. Council will plan for the upgrades during their upcoming budget discussions. Del Cardinal, Village of Berwyn Public Works Foreman also provided council with a general update and noted numerous equipment breakdowns which is the cause of delays with snow-clearing and road maintenance.  Council thanked Darrel and Del for their important contributions to the Village. New Vacant and Unoccupied Properties Policy Council approved the implementation of a Vacant or Unoccupied Property Identification Policy. This policy aims to systematically identify and classify residential and non-residential properties, encouraging property owners to maintain and actively use their properties in collaboration between Public Works staff, Bylaw Enforcement, and relevant agencies. This includes utilizing municipal records, visual inspection alternatives, and checking utility usages to identify properties with decreased consumption, which is indicative of potential vacancy. Extension to FCSS agreement with the Town of Grimshaw Council approved an extension to their agreement with the Town of Grimshaw Family Community Support Services (FCSS). The Village of Berwyn provides 100% of its FCSS Government of Alberta funding allocation to the Town of Grimshaw FCSS Department as they deliver programming for Village residents. Arena Survey Results Council reviewed the results of a survey council requested be sent to residents regarding the usage and importance of the arena, potential repairs, funding considerations and repurposing options. Council discussed the results and expressed gratitude to the community for their input. The report was accepted as information and will be considered in any future discussions. Council assignment to committees Council members reviewed a listing of local and regional committees and assigned various councillors and alternates to represent the Village of Berwyn on each committee. Tax arrears Council discussed the challenge with residents in arrears on property taxes and the overall impact on the Village of Berwyn’s financial health. Council discussed the need to explore and discuss potential incentives that could encourage residents to catch up on overdue property tax payments. Upcoming budget discussions and planning Council changed the date of their budget discussions to February 25, 2024, at the Village of Berwyn Administration Office. 

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